We are currently open for proposal submission. Please see our Request for Information (RFI) here :

Read the complete call

Each call for proposals includes important details about the projects that are eligible. Review the information in the call to find out :

When you’re intending to apply for BVT fund, please first request our RFI (Request for Information) through this form. You can also use this email to inquire us more about BVT Grant. Your RFI application will be reviewed by BVT’s regional partnership coordinators.

The RFI process will include BVT’s safeguard policies screening, which are intended to prevent or mitigate any harm to people or the environment that might inadvertently arise during the project.

Applicants whose project triggers one or more safeguard policies will be asked to prepare the relevant safeguard document(s) and incorporate preventative measures into the project’s design.

At this stage, be prepared to be contacted by our regional team for further interviews to further clarify your RFI submissions.

Once we review your RFI submissions, you’ll be invited  to sign up to access our RFP (Request for Proposal) at our BVT Portal. The RFP process will take you some time to process as we will match your efforts in providing information with our GIS verification method on the site. Please be mindful to start ahead of schedule. Depending on your institution’s capacity it might take 3-4 weeks to complete the whole proposals.

The RFP process already also include development of risk registers and management readiness assessment for BVT project’s operational, hand-in-hand with Social, Economy and Ecological Risks assessment. The RFP process will be handled in a Salesforce platform where you can easily save and leave the form to come back anytime to continue and finalize the proposal.

You will not fill in your proposal in silo. Our on-site GIS team or imaging system will be assigned and/or dispatched to match with your proposal. It is very important for us to validate and complement your information with on-site GIS overview.

In the whole RFI and RFP process you will be required to present us with information against our safeguard screening policies that encompasses Social, Environmental, Gender and Indigenous People.

Your institution’s financial health will determine the success of BVT projects’ success as we are implementing Performance Based Payments. Part of the screening process at the RFP phase will also include your financial information including other ongoing projects and funds, your tax status, your internal control processes, number of paid employees, etc.

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