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We exclusively accept grant applications during open Request for Proposals. During these periods, applicants are requested to submit a “Request for Information” which is a concise description of their project. Open Request are announced on our “Open Request for Proposals” page.

BVT seeks organizations of various types with potential access to 2,000 hectares of degraded land with clear tenure and infrastructure access. We primarily focus on regions within the tropical belt where bamboo is native and where organizations have prior experience and expertise in social agroforestry programs.

At BVT, we are committed to achieving meaningful and measurable outcomes in our social agroforestry projects. Our approach centers around results-based financing, meaning we fund projects based on their ability to deliver specific, quantifiable results. This approach allows us to maximize the impact of our investment, ensure transparency, and drive sustainable change in our social agroforestry efforts. Results-based payment is a commonly used financing mechanism in reforestation within the REDD+ framework. At BVT, we implement performance-based payments, a component of results-based financing. We prioritize contextualized performance over rigid fixation on specific results.

BVT projects receive funding based on the achievement of specific, measurable outcomes, which are defined for each of the 4 phases. The total payment is USD 150,000 (adjustable to the local context) over approximately 3 years, divided according to the 4 phases.

Key Components of Our Performance-Based Approach :

  1. Clear and Measurable Objectives. Our social agroforestry projects are built on clear and well-defined objectives. In each of the 4 phases, projects set specific goals related to champion activation, cooperative/community governance, bamboo and other plantations, harvesting, community and market development.
  2. Risk and Outcome metrics.  We utilize a robust system of metrics to measure risk, track performance, and assess project success. Our chapter advisors in the region and partners coordinators are available to guide grantees in addressing imminent risks at every step, be it operational, governance, or compliance risks.
  3. Payment for Performance: We do not provide upfront or unconditional funding. Instead, we operate on a “payment for performance” model. There are 4 payment tranches across the 4 phases, linked to the achievement of predetermined milestones and desired results. Backbone Landscape Partners (the grantees) have a performance dashboard displaying payment statuses according to provided metrics. Performance setting at BVT is highly contextual, and our committee is there to design and guide program implementation throughout.
  4. Technical, Risk and Compliance Appraisal:  To uphold the integrity of our results-based approach, all proposal submissions and implementation reports undergo assessment by BVT’s technical, risk and compliance committees to confirm project milestone achievement.
  5. Transparency and Accountability with Agile operation: We prioritize transparency throughout the project cycle. Project partners are expected to provide regular reports and documentation through the BVT portal platform to substantiate their claims of success. These reports are reviewed by Partners Coordinators and Regional Chapter Lead Advisors to expedite financing and enable real-time adjustments based on data and performance indicators. Quarterly review and planning sessions are scheduled to assess progress and refine or redirect strategies.

By implementing Results-Based Financing, we ensure that we direct resources toward projects that deliver measurable benefits while maintaining accountability and adaptability throughout the process.

Applicants and potential grantees have the opportunity to attend one or more of the webinars scheduled here to gain a deeper understanding of the grant application process and its requirements.

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